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  • images-hover-effect

    An image sharing tool for Joomla!, show with a simply hover displays, over the image,
    a share buttons of the most important social network.

    Use this tool to increase traffic to your site!
    (new update) Added 14 Hover Animation Effects

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    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • tooltipster

    When the user hovers their pointer over a particular item, without clicking it, a beautiful tooltip will appear or a small “hover box” containing information about the item being hovered over.

    Enables you to display related information with the hovered label, link, or any html element of your choice
    (Google Maps / Video / etc ).

    Tooltipster is easily customizable and allows you to quickly create tooltip

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    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • coming-soon-page-builder

    Coming Soon Page Builder for Joomla! is a responsive and fullscreen coming soon page Template with some features and style that makes this plugin unique and fascinating.

    Up to now there is nothing similar for Joomla.
    You can download free or paid version!

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    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • pull-to-refresh

    Pull to Refresh for Joomla!
    is cool plugin that adds Pull to Refresh feature for your web page.
    Pull to Refresh is a popular feature on our mobile devices/Apps that refreshes the current page/screen by pulling down on the view. (support for mobile devices)

    It’s an ultra-intuitive way of refreshing the displayed page content by simply pulling the page down with your thumb, then releasing it — sort of like pulling a lever on a slot machine.
    The official Foursquare and Twitter apps use it, so if you’re into social networking, you’re already familiar.
    But so far, its use has been limited to native apps.

    It’s simple and easy to do!

    From 0,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads