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HelloMaps is a Professional and innovative component, the only one that allows the integration of Google Maps inside of Joomla! and Third-Party extensions. You can then integrate HelloMaps, through the use of its numerous plugins, at any time with the components used in your site. Easy to set up in less than 5 minutes, you can customize each map through many features and options available depending on your needs.

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Product Description


Explore the Features

Custom maps, search & filters, and a lot of features adaptable to every need …


  • Google Maps Api 3
  • Fast Response by loading only data for marker visible in screen/zoom area
  • Clustering System with custom icons
  • Marker Spidifier (new)
  • Marker Events (on mouse over, on sidebar over)
  • Current User Position
  • Street View
  • Custom Infowindow & Sidebar
  • Font-End User Toolbar, Buttons & Options
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Map Styler
  • Mobile Buttons
  • Result Counter Area
  • Expandible by plugins
  • Full Documentations avaiable for customer users



JomSocial Members
Marker Infowindow


Sidebar with Search and Filters
HelloMaps StreetView

Apps & Integrations


HelloMaps Addons & 3rd Party Integrations:

HelloMaps is composed of the main component com_hellomaps, the module and its plugins. Currently there are +17 plugins for hellomaps developed by our Team that allow you to integrate Google Maps for the most popular Joomla extensions, allowing even the geolocation of Articles and native Users of Joomla.  

How do the plugins?

Enabling the respective plugin you have the ability to show the markers for that component and you will have the opportunity to configure individually for each plugin, its parameters. In this way, if you want, you can customize differently looks and functionality of each plugin. Markers icons, Searches, Filters, more… and the information to be included in the infowindows will be customized to your liking from the settings of the individual plugins. In this way it is easy to differentiate the display depending on plugins configuration.  

Plugins currently included in HelloMaps :


★ Joomla Articles ★ Joomla Users ★ k2 Articles ★ Mosets Tree ★ SobiPro
★ JomSocial Members ★ JomSocial Events ★ EasySocial Members ★ EasySocial Events ★ HikaShop Products
★ Community Builder Members ★ DJ Classifieds ★ VirtueMart (new plugin) ★ JEvents (new plugin)

  If the extension you are using is not supported, you can request us to develop or you can return to visit regulary our site because we will add some new plugins each month.  

How does the HelloMaps Module?

Via module, you can publish different google maps in several pages of joomla and decide to link to all or only some plugins for displaying markers. You can decide to have a map that shows the results of all the plugins or maps for individual components.

For example, a map showing the markers of the users Jomsocial, another map showing the markers of events in JomSocial and yet another page in a map that shows all together.

Moreover, for each module, you can decide which features you want and what not. If you see the sidebar, filters, disable infowindows, mouse events, the type of map (satellite, terrain, street, …) and many other parameters. In this way, each map can be customized and be different.

Quick Info

Version 1.5
Type Paid Download
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Integrate your own Maps in Joomla!

All plans are in 30-day money back guarantee. Start building awesome Maps sites today!


  • Starter
  • 59€

      • Unlimited Domain Installation


      • Support (1 domain)
      • Installation Service
      • 3 months Support & Downloads


      • Main Package
      • HelloMaps Component
      • HelloMaps Module


      • Plugins Included
      • Joomla Users
      • Joomla Articles


    • Extra
    • Extender Plugin
    • +90 Markers Icons
    • Link Back to JoomlaForce.com
    • Buy Now
  • GEEK
  • 129€

      • Unlimited Domain Installation


      • Priority Support (3 domain)
      • Installation Service for 3 Site
      • 1 year Support & Downloads


      • Main Package
      • HelloMaps Component
      • HelloMaps Module


      • Plugins Included
      • All Plugins
      • All Locators


    • Extra
    • Extender Plugin
    • +90 Markers Icons
    • No Link Back
    • Buy Now


Or Download for a lifetime

Lifetime Plan

Lifetime downloads & support for HelloMaps Geek




Extension Reviews

If you use HelloMaps, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory. http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/maps-a-weather/geotagging/27798

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