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  • hellomaps

    HelloMaps is a Professional and innovative component, the only one that allows the integration of Google Maps inside of Joomla! and Third-Party extensions.

    You can then integrate HelloMaps, through the use of its numerous plugins, at any time with the components used in your site. Easy to set up in less than 5 minutes, you can customize each map through many features and options available depending on your needs.

    From 59,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • website-tour-builder

    Web Site Tour Builder for Joomla is a powerfull Tour Module, which can be used as a site tour, helpers, guides or tooltips.

    Use the Web Site Tour module for your website, products, applications, landing pages or something else. The module is very easy to use and allow you to create a very cool tour in simple dinamics steps.
    Web Site Tour Builder gives you the ability to create amazing tour which easily arouse visitor interest, with a User Friendly Backend, highly customizable solution to build your tour into your site.

    Works on any page of Joomla! and with any components installed
    You have total control.
    You can create different Tour in different page by duplicating module and publishing in page where you want tour. You can add unlimited steps in module parameters.

    From 19,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • showcase-builder

    Showcase Builder for Joomla! is a module that allows you to easily create powerfull showcase slider with responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices.

    Use the Showcase Builder to show your websites blog posts, services, portfolio, cooking recipes and much much more…
    It dynamically populate data from your Joomla! articles.

    From 19,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • notification-builder

    Notifications Builder Bundle is a solution ALL-IN-ONE for Joomla! that allows you to add a highly customizable notifications for your website as an alternative the standard alert dialog.

    You can choose only single plugin or full Notification Builder Bundle Pack.

    From 19,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • modules-panel - Copia

    Modules Panel allow you to put modules and menù inside left or right side Panel.

    This panel has been developed to fit into any website with a clean and professional design. It can be loaded on the left or on the right and you can display as menu panel or carousel sliding panel.

    The custom scrollbars will automatically appear when needed and if you need to add even more content, you can use the infinite carousel to scroll between each part of the panel.
    Inside of the panel are called modules positions, so you can include any joomla module inside even in different carousel.

    A really elegant and professional extension for your website.

    From 19,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • social-panel-tabs

    Social Panel Tabs for Joomla gives you access to multiple Social Media accounts in easy way.

    In just one click your visitors can connect with you on all of the web’s most popular social sites.
    Combine all of your favorite social networks profiles & feeds into Panel Tab or slick slide out or event static tabs.

    Contains 17+ social networks each with several configurable options to make this module highly customized according to your needs .

    A really elegant and professional extension to your website.

    From 19,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • images-hover-effect

    An image sharing tool for Joomla!, show with a simply hover displays, over the image,
    a share buttons of the most important social network.

    Use this tool to increase traffic to your site!
    (new update) Added 14 Hover Animation Effects

    From 0,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • tooltipster

    When the user hovers their pointer over a particular item, without clicking it, a beautiful tooltip will appear or a small “hover box” containing information about the item being hovered over.

    Enables you to display related information with the hovered label, link, or any html element of your choice
    (Google Maps / Video / etc ).

    Tooltipster is easily customizable and allows you to quickly create tooltip

    From 0,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • coming-soon-page-builder

    Coming Soon Page Builder for Joomla! is a responsive and fullscreen coming soon page Template with some features and style that makes this plugin unique and fascinating.

    Up to now there is nothing similar for Joomla.
    You can download free or paid version!

    From 0,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads
  • pull-to-refresh

    Pull to Refresh for Joomla!
    is cool plugin that adds Pull to Refresh feature for your web page.
    Pull to Refresh is a popular feature on our mobile devices/Apps that refreshes the current page/screen by pulling down on the view. (support for mobile devices)

    It’s an ultra-intuitive way of refreshing the displayed page content by simply pulling the page down with your thumb, then releasing it — sort of like pulling a lever on a slot machine.
    The official Foursquare and Twitter apps use it, so if you’re into social networking, you’re already familiar.
    But so far, its use has been limited to native apps.

    It’s simple and easy to do!

    From 0,00
    3 Months of Support & Downloads